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Watcherlove Ficathon Masterlist

All right, here we are!  Fics are due and there should be much Giles/Wesley love to spread around.  If you wrote for the ficathon, post your story in your journal and then comment to this post with a link and I'll add it to the masterlist!

eloise_bright wrote Where Heaven is But Once Begun for kivrin
kivrin wrote Songs and Curses for theferretgirl
*alias_lilacgirl wrote Leaving Your Heart Alone for margarks
margarks wrote Scars for glimmergirl
glimmergirl wrote Perfect Day for when_it_rained
when_it_rained wrote for jedi_penguin
jedi_penguin wrote for lostgirlslair
lostgirlslair wrote Going Under for bethynyc
bethynyc wrote for Whatever Happened to Rutherford Sirk? belleimani
belleimani wrote for elementalv
elementalv wrote for eloise_bright

*alias_lilacgirl filled in for theferretgirl

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